Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Betty Boop Roses- names that start with D

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Betty Boop wearing a pink rose skirt with green leaf trim

Capital D - Cursive D

Daisy - Dara

Darcy - Dawn

Dawna - De


Deb - Debbi

Debbie - Debbie-Ann

Debby - Deborah

Debra - Dee

Dee Ann - Deena

Deirdre - Delena


Denise - Di
Diamond - Diana
Diane - Dianna

Dianne - Dinah

Diva - Dolly


Dora - Doris

Dorothy - Dot


Dotty - Drew

For 1,000's of free Betty Boop graphics and animated gifs, go to:
The Betty Boop Pictures Archive

Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick
King Features Syndicate / Fleischer Studio

Betty Boop Roses Name Pictures - Letter D
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